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I Don't Know What I Want, If I'm Completely Honest...

Growing up, it all seems so easy. You live a life filled with constant reminders that you can, infact, do whatever it is that you put your mind to and you have absolutely no reason to question that this is true.
Now I’m not saying that this is a myth that your parents (and Walt Disney) feed to you to build your spirits, but as you reach adulthood it certainly seems to become a lot less clear than that; there are so many more things to take into consideration, so many more obstacles in your way. You suddenly have to consider how you’ll pay the rent, how things will affect your career, whether or not the relationships in your life will be put to the test by each life choice you find added onto your plate…
Last week as I sat in the drivers seat of my overly messy Fiat, with it’s pitifully duct taped wing mirror and abundance of McDonalds straws, splashing tears onto my phone screen as I scrolled through job vacancies that ranged from the mundane to the crazily impractical, I wondered wh…

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