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As I've aged and social media has become a much bigger part of my life than I’d like to admit, I've quickly learnt that there is absolutely nothing that will escape the harsh tongues (fingers?) of the twitter keyboard warriors. This week, it’s been poor old Jodie Whittaker who has been at the receiving end of relentless criticism, her crime? Accepting the iconic role of Dr Who in the successful, long running British TV series.

Here’s the thing, I literally have no vested interest in which actor plays which character within a Saturday night sci-fi programme that I have absolutely no intention of watching when there’s already a host of really awful TLC originals on my planner to focus my attention on.  You know what I do have a vested interest in however? The kind of world that, when I eventually decide to have a family, I’ll be bringing my future children into. The kind of world where people will happily cast reality aside to watch a timelord with two hearts defend the world fr…

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